BiGfiSh is a Melbourne based design and construction practice. They specialise in the generation, production and delivery of 3 dimensional artworks, graphic design and built form installations. The primary focus of their work is in public spaces including architectural features, sculptures, playspaces, exhibitions and signage. They are mindful of the commercial, social and environmental responsibilities… and work extremely hard to ensure that each response has a unique quality which adds value to the resolution of a particular project. They have an understanding of complex design challenges and have a proven capacity to deliver conscientiously and consistently within project parameters.


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Alfons van Maanen

BA Design (Industrial Design), RMIT, Melbourne.
Alfons has been practicing in the design field for almost thirty years. With commercial experience in product, graphic and architectural design projects, from concept development through to production and construction management. As an ‘old school’ practioner, Alfons employs freehand visualisation and ideation as a core communication tool to develop and resolve design and technical issues. He uses AutoCAD as a tool to provide clear and concise documentation for shop production and specialist suppliers. Alfons believes that nothing is really impossible to produce … some things just take a bit longer.

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Renata Slusarski

BA Design (Graphic Design), University of South Australia, Adelaide. Masters of Art (Art in Public Places), RMIT. Formed BiGfiSh in1991.
After completing her degree Renata undertook a traineeship as a Festival Artist and worked for five years on festivals and events around Victoria, including 2 years as Moomba’s Artist in Residence. She worked extensively with school and community groups developing props, floats and processional imagery. Renata works extensively on design concepts using both computer programs and hands-on skills. Renata believes good design should respond with integrity, humour and beauty to the needs and desires of all participants.


The Team

They have a dedicated and skilled team of fabricators and tradespeople who understand the application of their skills in this specialised area of art and design.