What is a ‘MakerMap’?

A ‘MakerMap’ is an online map that provides information about the people, places and resources in a community that form part of that community’s capacity to make things for themselves. It is open, accessible and editable, so that the community can on-goingly build its knowledge and awareness of the ‘making’ resources in the community, and facilitate interaction and collaboration between artistans, designers and other makers that currently do not know about each other.

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Why a Maribyrnong MakerMap?

  • M3 will help local artisans and makers to know who is doing what in their community, to create connections and collaboration among local makers. This can support the competitiveness and effectiveness of maker enterprises in the Maribyrnong region.
  • M3 will also provide a map of resources currently being wasted, such as factory or commercial outputs, that could be useful for local makers as build resources. This will help makers transform waste into new products and works.
  • M3 will allow a greater appreciation for the regions rich qualities, locales, assets and people, and help the community and world re-visualise and appreciate the region in a new light.

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How does the M3 Work?

– The map will be based on the Open Street Map platform, with a UMap interface: http://www.openstreetmap.org / https://umap.openstreetmap.fr

– There are no royalties and fees associated with using the map, it is open for all to use and add to, and is based on open source software.

– M3 can be controlled locally, which means local makers, organisations, businesses and artisans can easily access and update the map.

– The map has a ‘layers’ capability, which means different aspects can be created on diverse themes such as: community gardens / permaculturalists, artists / art studios, artisan maker businesses, Maribyrnong history, just about anything.

Who is behind this?

This is a Footscray Maker Co-operative project currently being run by Jose Ramos, however Dean Hewson and others were early innovators for starting the project.

How do I support the project?

Support the campaign here: https://www.chuffed.org/project/m3

You can just jump in and edit the map, add yourself or anyone / thing else here: http://u.osmfr.org/m/28430/

Come to our April fools meetup: http://www.meetup.com/footscraymakerlab/events/221253462/